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3 Ways to Get More Miles Out of Your Older Vehicle

by | Dec 20, 2022

Driving around an older vehicle for days, months, and years can sometimes feel like a drag. Especially when your friend pulls in with a brand new car with all the bells and whistles. But have you taken a look at new car prices lately? Many new vehicles are selling for more than sticker price. To make matters worse, used car prices are also at an all-time high.


So, what are you to do if you’re really wanting a different vehicle right now? Our best advice is … wait, if you can. That is, if your current vehicle is still safe to drive, let the market settle down a little and hopefully before long, new and used car prices will become a little more reasonable. In the meantime, you can use these tips to help extend the life of your older vehicle.

How to Keep Your Older Vehicle In Great Shape So You Can Get More Miles (and Time) Out of It

#1. Preventative Maintenance

Whether you’re a frequent visitor to our Tempe auto repair shop or you have a trusted mechanic in your own home town, you’ve probably heard this advice before. However, it certainly bears repeating. Preventative maintenance is absolutely key to keeping any vehicle in good condition, but especially one that has a few more miles or years under its belt.


Keep your older vehicle running smoothly by following the recommended maintenance schedule for your make and model. You can find this information in your car’s owner’s manual. Or, skip that step and ask your mechanic directly. Just like ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, routine maintenance performed at regular intervals by a qualified mechanic can keep your older vehicle running smoothly and reliably.

#2: Watch For Warranties

While an extended warranty may not always be worth the extra money you pay for it, there’s no reason not to use it if you’ve already bought one. If your vehicle needs repairs and they’re covered by some type of warranty, there’s no reason to wait! Get the repairs done right away to keep bigger problems from happening. And that leads us to the next most important tip …

#3. Budget For Car Repairs

At our Tempe auto repair shop, we service cars from all over the area including Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, and even Phoenix. But even though our clients come from different towns and cities and drive different makes and models, they have one thing in common … no one likes to pay for auto repairs!


We find that when vehicle owners dread their auto repair bill the most, it’s usually because a repair or maintenance item has caught them unawares. It has either happened unexpectedly or they simply didn’t plan ahead for regular maintenance. Unfortunately, this sometimes keeps people from having needed repairs or maintenance done in a timely manner. Then, what started out as a small problem becomes a bigger, more expensive one.


So, what’s the solution here? We recommend having a line item in your household budget for auto repairs. That way, when the need arises, you’ll already have money put aside for that exact purpose and there will be no reason to hold off on necessary repairs. It’s the perfect way to keep your older vehicle in great shape AND reduce stress at the same time.

Professional and Affordable Auto Repairs In Tempe, AZ

In order to keep your older vehicle running smoothly, it deserves some extra TLC. That’s why you should only bring it to a repair shop you know and trust.


If you live or work in the greater Phoenix area, Good Works Auto Repair could be your best bet! Rated as one of the top three auto repair shops in Tempe, we use quality parts, have expert automotive technicians and friendly staff, and offer a 5 year/60k mile warranty on major repairs, one of the best in the industry.


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