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Eliminate Odors with AC Deodorizing Service

by | Jun 1, 2023

Imagine this: You hop in your vehicle on a really hot day, crank the air conditioning and whoa … what is that smell? There’s nothing more stifling than an odor coming out of your car’s air vents and blowing right into your face. And when you find out what might be in the air that you’re breathing in, you may be even more embarrassed. But, have no fear – it’s likely that you just need an AC deodorizing service!

Why is your vehicle’s AC so smelly?

When moisture gets into your vehicle’s AC system, it can cause a foul, musty or stale smell to come out of the air vents. Unfortunately, nasty odors in your AC system are pretty common and can be from a variety of causes.

These smells are usually due to dirt, dust or other debris buildup in the air intake vent, trapping water and moisture on the AC evaporator. Things like germs, bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew can grow and spread in that moist debris – spewing out in the air that is supposed to simply be cooling you down inside your vehicle. And yes, you’re breathing all that in. Cranking the AC in your vehicle may spread germs, odors and little particles of the bacteria and fungi throughout your car.

Preventative vehicle maintenance is so important!

Preventative maintenance for your vehicle can help to prevent issues just like this. By inspecting your car’s air conditioning annually, we can prevent moisture buildup inside your vehicle’s systems and eliminate odors safely and effectively.

Other causes of an odor when your vehicle’s air conditioning is blowing are:

  • A dirty cabin filter
  • A chemical odor could mean your car is leaking refrigerant.
  • A sweet yet pungent smell, sometimes accompanied by a slimy film on the windows, may signal a leaking heater core is seeping engine coolant into the AC ducts.
  • Fumes from engine oil, or coolant burning under the hood, can get sucked into the AC fresh air intake, giving off bad smells when your AC is first turned on.

AC deodorizing and cleaning benefits your whole AC system

There are additional benefits to keeping your vehicle’s cooling system clean and deodorized:

  • Restores the efficiency of your car’s AC – it will cool faster and be colder in general.
  • Improves airflow volume and quality
  • Your vehicle will smell better and the condition will seem newer and cleaner.
  • Air coming from your dash vents will be purer and safer to breathe.
  • Reduce allergic reactions and health issues from exposure to mold spores, fungi and bacteria due to moisture mixing with debris.

Schedule AC deodorizing service in Tempe today!

Here at Good Works Auto Repair, we use BG Frigi-Fresh® combined with our Air Conditioning Deodorizing service. Your AC should remove moisture from the air but over time, mold spores and fungi can create that nasty, unwanted odor that you’re breathing in.

We use an EPA and USDA accepted disinfectant, deodorant and sanitizer that will give your AC a fresh start. And you’ll enjoy a breath of fresh air, too!

Schedule an appointment today and keep your vehicle’s inside smelling fresh and clean. A foul odor coming from your AC means there is a problem, but we have the solution!

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