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Tire Alignment and How it Impacts Your Vehicle

by | Feb 28, 2023

Maintaining your vehicle is so important, as most people know. But one of the most forgotten or ignored services has to do with your tires – tire condition and tire alignment matters! We see a lot of people in our Tempe auto repair shop who have bald tires, worn treads, low tire pressure and poor tire alignment but want to know why their vehicle drives differently or sounds differently.  Unfortunately, the unseen or unheard impact is an unsafe vehicle. 


If you’re wondering if your tires are in proper alignment, ask yourself this question … Is your vehicle pulling to the left or right? If so, it sounds like you need a tire alignment service! Let’s talk a little more about what alignment really is. 


What is tire alignment?

Basically, alignment is a suspension-tuning tool that works with your tires. It describes a complex system of angles that are being measured and a variety of suspension components that are adjusted. 

Our trusted mechanics recommend a tire alignment service every six months or so. But, if you have hit something that may have caused some major damage, then we encourage you to have your tires and alignment inspected immediately. 


What are the benefits of properly aligned tires? 

  • A smoother experience. Your car may be vibrating or pulling to the left or the right. Preventative maintenance is important … just don’t leave out your tires! By having your tires rotated regularly, you will ensure an even amount of wear. Even tire treads lead to a smoother and more comfortable ride. 
  • A safer experience. Misaligned or imbalanced tires can make driving unsafe and risky. Your tires’ condition is important for driving safety, the ability to stop, and the ability to grip the pavement. 
  • Longer lasting tires. Tire rotations and tire alignment prolong your tires’ life and your car’s suspension – you can help prevent unnecessary wear by scheduling these services at regular intervals. 


Expert tire service and wheel alignment in Tempe, AZ

If you’re wondering whether or not your vehicle needs tires service, pay attention to how it feels, looks, and sounds. Do you notice squealing or other noises coming from your tires? Is your vehicle pulling to one side or the other? Do your tires look uneven?

Proper alignment is the key to even tire wear, driving comfort and fuel efficiency. Plus, four new tires are expensive – prolong their life by scheduling an appointment for service today!

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