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What Driving Habits Can Damage Your Car?

by | May 24, 2021

Bad habits can be difficult to break, especially ones you’ve had for a long time. Unfortunately, we often see vehicles in our Tempe auto repair shop that have damage due to the poor driving habits of their owners.

What exactly are these habits and can the damage be avoided? Let’s take a look at some of the most common things you could be doing that may inadvertently be costing you more money.


Common Driving Habits That Damage Your Car

Here’s the moment of truth … What driving habits have you been practicing and are they doing you any good? If they’re any of the ones on this list, probably not!

  1. Ignoring dashboard warnings – Vehicle manufacturers have provided you with a variety of dashboard warning lights that indicate something is wrong with your vehicle. You should never ignore the check engine light or any of the other lights. Instead, schedule an appointment with your favorite Tempe auto mechanic right away.
  2. Overusing your brakes – When you constantly ride the brakes, they’ll wear out sooner than later and may even cause unsafe driving conditions. You’ll be looking for the best brake service in Tempe and wondering why they didn’t last as long as they should!
  3. Driving with too much weight – Overloading your vehicle can be a serious driving hazard. Plus, it can decrease your gas mileage and cause damage to vehicle components, both of which will take more money out of your wallet.
  4. Hitting the potholes – Not too many people intentionally hit deep potholes that can cause serious damage to your vehicle. But, many costly bumps and holes can be completely avoided simply by driving more carefully.
  5. Not listening to strange noises – If your vehicle sputters, squeaks, whistles, rattles, or makes some other strange noise, don’t ignore it! These are almost always an indication that something is wrong. It may be a minor problem or something more serious, but your favorite Tempe auto mechanic can provide a definitive diagnosis.


The Best Auto Repairs and Maintenance In Tempe, AZ

Even if you are an expert driver and practice SMART driving habits, regular preventative maintenance is still necessary to keep your vehicle in great shape. Plus, it can help save you hassles and expensive repairs down the road.

When you’re ready to schedule repairs or maintenance for YOUR vehicle, choose one of the top rated auto repair shops in Tempe, AZ. You’ll experience affordable, friendly, and professional auto repairs that will help keep your vehicle safe to drive and more money in your bank account!

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