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7 Ways to Extend Transmission Life

by | Apr 5, 2022

The way you drive and how well you take care of your vehicle are two important factors that influence how long it will last. They also affect how much you’re going to spend on auto repairs.

For example, a transmission rebuild or replacement can cost anywhere between $1200 and $5000 depending on the vehicle make and model and what’s been damaged. However, how you drive and maintain your vehicle can also extend your transmission life and potentially prevent this expensive repair bill.

Simple Tips to Extend Transmission Life

Follow these easy tips to extend transmission life so you save money on auto repairs and get the most out of your vehicle.

1. Keep the transmission cool. This includes stopping for breaks on long trips, reducing the load on the transmission, and making sure it has the right amount of transmission fluid.

2. Schedule maintenance sooner than later. If you notice strange sounds, like grinding between gears, take your vehicle to your local auto repair shop as soon as possible. A minor transmission repair is cheaper than a complete rebuild and can often prevent the need for larger, more expensive repairs.

3. Don’t haul loads heavier than you should. Keep your transmission from being overworked by following all manufacturer towing and weight limit recommendations.

4. Stop your vehicle before you shift. Prevent gear weakening or stripping by coming to a complete stop before shifting between drive and reverse.

5. Use the proper gear when driving. This advice is especially important for manual transmissions. Even if you’re skilled at changing gears yourself, make sure that other drivers of your vehicle are as well.

6. Check transmission fluid levels regularly. One of the easiest ways to extend transmission life is to make sure it has the type and quantity of fluid it needs to stay cool and well lubricated. Under- or over-filling your transmission with fluid can affect its performance and leaks should be fixed as soon as possible.

7. Schedule a transmission flush at regular intervals. We recommend a transmission flush and fill every 30,000 miles. Having clean fluid and in the right amount is a simple way to extend transmission life.

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