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Automotive Right to Repair Agreement Signals More Choice For Consumers

by | Oct 9, 2023

On July 11, 2023, the Automotive Service Association (ASA) made an announcement regarding an important agreement related to the automotive right to repair, alongside the Society of Collision Repair Specialists and the Alliance for Automotive Innovation. The origins of the right to repair concept can be traced back to a pact formed among leaders in the automotive industry back in 2014. However, this new agreement serves as a reaffirmation of their commitment to ensuring consumer choice and shared access to essential data and tools, with the ultimate aim of improving the vehicle repair experience.

Here, we’ll provide an overview of the key goals of the automotive right to repair movement. We’ll also highlight important aspects of the recent agreement. Then, we’ll demonstrate why independent auto repair shops can be a wise choice for vehicle owners looking for affordable auto repair and maintenance services.

4 Key Objectives of Automotive Right to Repair

Since the very beginning, the automotive right to repair movement has centered around 4 primary goals:

  1. Help auto repair shops have better accessibility to vehicle diagnostic information. In the past, only dealerships had access to diagnostic codes and information provided by auto manufacturers. This created accuracy and efficiency challenges for independent auto repair shops attempting to fix their customers’ vehicle issues.
  2. Create better access to software and tools for advanced vehicle technology. Modern vehicles are akin to rolling computers and therefore, can be challenging to diagnose and fix. The automotive right to repair movement has facilitated access for independent repair shops to the same software and tools that dealerships use. This often enables shops to complete more efficient and cost-effective repairs.
  3. Improve access to replacement parts. Vehicle manufacturers are now obligated to provide schematics to independent auto repair shops and make replacement parts available, too. This fosters competition among repair facilities and often leads to more affordable auto repairs for vehicle owners.
  4. Give consumers the power of choice. Vehicle owners now have the freedom to choose where to have their vehicles serviced. Rather than being forced to hire a mechanic at a local dealership, they can get necessary repairs done by a trusted mechanic at a local independent repair shop.

Increased access to parts, diagnostic tools, and software not only facilitates more readily available vehicle repairs and maintenance but also contributes to vehicle longevity. As such, the automotive right to repair movement also benefits the environment by reducing waste and ensuring that vehicles on the road are better maintained.

How Does the New Automotive Right to Repair Agreement Benefit Consumers?

According to the ASA, the primary goals of the original agreement remain unchanged. However, the following safeguards have also been implemented:

Continued access to necessary information for vehicle diagnostics and repairs: Independent repair shops and consumers will still have access to essential data. This now includes telematics data and all vehicle technologies and powertrains.

A focus on ongoing collaboration for education and training: All repair shops and collision repair facilities, whether independent shops or part of a dealership, will be able to access a vehicle manufacturer’s repair website. They’ll also be privy to third-party software, tools, and sites like

Ongoing collaboration aligned with evolving vehicle technology: The new agreement emphasizes that vehicle technology is in constant flux. As it evolves, there will be collaborative efforts to ensure that independent shops have the necessary resources to service their customers’ vehicles accurately and efficiently.

What does this mean for the average vehicle owner? In the words of Scott Benevidez, ASA Board Chairman, the new agreement “maintains a competitive repair market that yields the highest quality safety outcomes at a fair price.” This means that healthy competition in the auto repair industry can have positive impacts on the prices consumers pay without having a negative effect on vehicle safety.

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