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Owner’s Manual vs. Dealership – Who to Trust for Maintenance Advice

by | Apr 17, 2023

Most vehicle owners know that maintaining their vehicle means taking good care of it. But do you trust the maintenance advice from your owner’s manual or the local dealership that sold you your car?

You want your vehicle to perform well, be safe, and look presentable. That means paying for routine maintenance and services your vehicle requires, especially when you have a vehicle that already has plenty of miles to brag about. A properly maintained vehicle can save you thousands of dollars in the long run, so making the financial commitment to following an effective service interval schedule is crucial. The biggest issue seems to be that most people are hearing different versions from a dealership versus the owner’s manual. Which one should you follow?

Where to Get Vehicle Maintenance Advice: Owner’s Manual vs. Dealership

Dealerships have no problem offering car care advice and will have you come in for services at specific intervals. But you probably don’t want to spend a ton of extra money on routine maintenance that you don’t need. However, you also want to do enough to maintain your vehicle and prevent major car repairs, right?

First, having a trusted auto repair shop to turn to is important. We share our service interval schedule with our customers, and also recommend following the owner’s manual for specifics on what service your vehicle needs and when it’s needed. The owner’s manual will give you mileage intervals and specific services so you’ll know what’s next for your preventative maintenance appointments. Most importantly, the manual was made for YOUR specific brand of vehicle, by that manufacturer!

People with high mileage vehicles and automotive experts will agree that the owner’s manual was made by the folks who made your vehicle, making it the clear winner over asking a dealership for maintenance advice. While dealerships sell vehicles, they may not all be experts in the service intervals for your make or model. The owner’s manual gives you an A-to-Z look at the details about your car, such as when to get the oil changed and when to get the tires rotated. Also included in each manual are suggestions about maintenance and troubleshooting which can be very helpful.

When in Doubt, Ask Your Trusted Mechanic About Recommended Vehicle Maintenance

When you’ve established communication, concerns or goals with your trusted mechanic, you can also follow their recommendations to get the most miles out of your vehicle now. Doing this could also mean fewer major repairs down the road.

Top Car Care Tips to Follow:

  • Stick to the service interval schedule outlined in your owner’s manual or given to you by your mechanic.
  • Don’t put off oil changes! Maintain a healthy engine by scheduling oil changes at the right intervals.
  • Check your tire pressure and condition regularly for improved performance and driving safety.
  • Keep your vehicle clean inside and out. It will look better but also help reduce premature wear, damage and rust.

All vehicles need maintenance but high mileage vehicles need a little extra attention and care. Have you made your next appointment with us yet? We’re happy to help you regularly maintain your vehicle and look forward to adding you to our high-mileage family! Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

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