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The Quirky and Iconic Highway Nicknames of Phoenix, AZ

by | Jan 31, 2024

Picture this … your friend has just recommended that you try out the best auto repair shop in Tempe the next time you need to schedule vehicle maintenance. Driving around the Phoenix area has you completely confused, however. The road names on your GPS are simply not matching up with the names she gave you when she provided directions. What’s the problem? Highway nicknames are often the problem!


The issue is that your friend is a local to the Phoenix area, using common highway nicknames for Phoenix area freeways, rather than their map-given names. Don’t worry, though. We’ll help you understand what she’s talking about with this guide on valley freeway nicknames and where they came from. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be able to make it to that auto repair shop in Tempe like a local!


5 Common Highway Nicknames For Phoenix Area Freeways


1. The Black Canyon Speedway (Map Designation: I-17)

  • Why the Nickname: As I-17 winds its way through the breathtaking Black Canyon, locals affectionately refer to it as “The Black Canyon Speedway.” The term captures the scenic drive (think road trip destination!) and the occasional need for speed along this vital north-south route.

To further complicate matters, I-17 boasts a few other nicknames where it intersects with other roadways. On the northern side of Phoenix where I-17 meets up with Loop 101, locals refer to this four-level interchange as “The North Stack”. Farther south toward central Phoenix, the intersection of I-17 and I-10 is simply known as “The Stack”, another four-level interchange.

2. The Superstition Speedway (Map Designation: US 60)

  • Why the Nickname: Aptly named after the nearby Superstition Mountains, US 60 is playfully known as “The Superstition Speedway.” This highway nickname reflects both the speed and the enchanting views of the Superstition Wilderness that drivers experience.

3. SuperRedTan (Map Designation: Intersection of US 60 with Loop 202)

  • Why the Nickname: Drive east of Phoenix on US 60 and you’ll encounter where the Superstition Speedway meets up with the northern part of Loop 202 (known as the Red Mountain) and the southern part of Loop 202 (aka the SanTan). Put these names together and you get the highway nickname of “SuperRedTan”.

4. Durango Curve (Map Designation: I-17 Near Durango St.)

  • Why the Nickname: This highway nickname is all about location. When you reach the curve on I-17 that’s near Durango St., you’ve officially made it to “Durango Curve”. Makes perfect sense, right?

5. Broadway Curve (Map Designation: I-10 Near SR 143 and Broadway Rd.)

  • Why the Nickname: East and slightly south of Durango Curve, you’ll come across another highway nickname, this one aptly named for its location as well. Where I-10 meets up with SR 143 near Broadway Rd., the highway curves sharply, creating the nickname “Broadway Curve”. Unfortunately, this is one location most drivers hate during rush hour.


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